Make memories in special places around Portland

Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard

Only three blocks away is the always quirky, Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. First up on your walk are the Food Carts featured on Portlandia, to the West your have the Helium comedy club and that is just the beginning of the most exciting area of Portland night scene. It is a walkable street with block after block to the East of vintage shops, boutiques, and cafés. In fact The Stephens House has one of the best walk scores (93) of ALL of Portland B&B’s. The Stephens House boasts a perfect Bike Score of 100 for a biker’s paradise

Historical Ladd’s Addition

Voted best place for a jog Portland Ladd's Addition is across the street from The Stephens House, named after William S. Ladd, who served as Portland's mayor in the 1850s and founded Oregon's first bank in 1859, is not only a historically significant area but also one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Portland. It is interesting to note that Ladd, himself, owned a 126-acre farm in the area prior to its development. In 1891, after East Portland was incorporated into Portland, plans were made to create a residential neighborhood, which eventually became the highly desirable Ladd's Addition. Notably, it has maintained its popularity among homebuyers and is still considered one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Portland. Check out the roundabouts that have some of the best Rose Gardens in the City of Roses.


Check out this Map outside of the Ice Queen at Abernethy Flats building only three blocks away 2014 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214.  Go on your own scavenger hunt to find all the Stephens landmarks including Stark Street ferry markers, Lone Fir Cemetary, original site of Stephens house and more. It is a great way to learn about Portlands early days. 

Oregon Museum of Science and History (OMSI)

The original location of the The James B Stephens House is The Oregon Museum of Science and History, also known as OMSI, is a popular science museum located in Portland, Oregon. The museum offers a range of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that explore various aspects of science and technology, including Earth science, life science, chemistry, physics, and more. With engaging exhibits and programs, OMSI aims to inspire curiosity and stimulate interest in science and technology among people of all ages. The museum also features a planetarium, a theater, and a submarine exhibit that offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the interior of a real submarine. Overall, the Oregon Museum of Science and History is a fun and educational destination for families, school groups, and science enthusiasts alike. Walk West on Stephens street the twelve blocks to OMSI and wonder how they moved the building you are staying in along that route without trucks or even an engine uphill with horses and logs only in 1902

Lone Fir Cemetery

Walk to the Lone Fir Cemetery and the entire time you will be on Mr. Stephens homestead. First buried there is James Stephens father and is now a historic cemetery located in Southeast Portland, Oregon. It was established in 1855 and is the city's oldest continuously operating cemetery. Many prominent figures from Portland's history are buried at Lone Fir, including pioneers,politicians, and business leaders. The cemetery's name comes from a large fir tree that once stood in the center of the cemetery, which was the only tree on the site when it was established. Over the years, the cemetery has faced challenges, including vandalism and neglect, but it has been lovingly restored and maintained by the Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving its history and legacy. Today, Lone Fir is a peaceful and serene place, offering a glimpse into Portland's rich history and cultural heritage.

Willamette River

The Willamette River is a major waterway that flows through Portland, Oregon, and is a defining feature of the city's landscape. The river is approximately 187 miles long and serves as a vital source of water and transportation for the region. It's also a popular destination for outdoor recreation, with many opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and boating. The river is home to a diverse array of aquatic species, including salmon, trout, and steelhead, and is an important part of the Pacific Northwest's ecosystem. Along the river's banks, there are many parks, trails, and public spaces where visitors can enjoy scenic views of the water and take in the natural beauty of the area. Overall, the Willamette River is an integral part of Portland's identity and a beloved natural resource for locals and visitors alike.