Jimmy and Joy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse background in real estate sales, sports education, mining, and entertainment. Since 1999, he has been involved in real estate sales, starting as a home salesman at his family's business in Southeast Portland. His family has been housing people for three generations, giving him a wealth of experience in the field. Jimmy has represented buyers and sellers in a variety of property types, including office, multifamily, condos, subdivisions, lots, land, residential single-family homes, and townhomes. As a landlord himself, he has over 15 years of property management experience and has been a designated principal broker at four different brokerages, overseeing sales training for both commercial and residential Agents.  

In addition to his real estate work, Jimmy is an avid snowboarder and a trainer and teacher of snowsports at Mt. Hood. He is also known as the Gold Miner and co-creator of the popular TV show 'Gold Rush' on Discovery channel. His grandfather helped build Timberline Lodge, and he has a passion for the hospitality industry, which is reflected in his exceptional skills as a Bed & Breakfast host. With attention to detail and a commitment to providing exceptional guest accommodations, Jimmy has created a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests, ensuring they have everything they need for a memorable stay. Jimmy's dedication to excellence extends beyond his professional endeavors, making him a respected and admired member of his Community

Joy Dorsey is a teacher and basketball coach. She is also the singer at church and bands like "Joy and her Miners" or "Joy and her Sentimental Gentlemen" western swing and jazz bands. Joy is also one of the original cast of Gold Rush Alaska. Her decoration and style can be found throughout the interior and exterior of The Stephens House. Her green thumb and eye for Portland aesthetic is what gives the warmth and charm to the building. Jimmy and Joy are both Portland natives but Joy grew up in the Hawthorne District. For Joy, purchasing the historic landmark was moving back home to the old neighborhood.